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I am a passionate technologist, software architect and developer with experience of providing solutions for the mobile and  on-line environmenst using a wide variety of technologies. 

A consultant for many years, I work across a variety of industries and companies both large and small, sometimes as part of a team and sometimes as a lone resource, but always adapting to the requirements and culture of the client.

Steve Rogers

Mobile Apps

Development of apps for phone, tablet and watch devices using Titanium and Swift.

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Solutions Architecture

Working with the client to select the most appropriate technologies for a project.

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NodeJS Development

CLI, MBaaS and API server development and maintenance using Node, MongoDb and Express.

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App Store Submissions

Setup of apps for submission to the iTunes App Store/Google Play Store.

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Now Departing Mobile App

Past clients and project work

Below is a list of some of the clients I have worked for either as part of a contract (direct and in-direct) or as a standalone project.

– LOROL, MTR Crossrail, Northern Rail
– Marks and Spencer
– Play.com (Rakuten)

Mobile Development 

If your thinking about developing your own mobile app where do you start? Perhaps you have an idea in mind but are not sure how to go about it. SpiralArm Consulting can help with advice, direction and development services.

As a Flutter developer and an Appcelerator Titanium Certified Application Developer I have a wide breath of experience developing mobiles apps for both Android and iOS devices, from simple apps to complex corporate enterprise applications for company use.

– iOS and Android
– Phone and tablet form factors
– PlayStore and iTunes distribution

If your project requires some form of server or server storage I can also provide help with this, with experience of building safe, secure server applications using NodeJS, Express and MongoDb.

SpiralArm Consulting can help you as much or as little as you require. Please contact me for more information.

Butterfly Mobile – A Flutter blog


This is feedback from people I have worked with and clients I have worked for. These have been taken from LinkedIn recommendations.The companies and job titles being from the time when the project was active.

“Steve’s subject knowledge and professional attitude meant he hit the ground running from day one. I hired Steve as a freelance to assist with finishing a current project and then to enhance and help build our mobile app development strategy. His ability to liaise and understand the many different aspects of the business proved to be a great asset in ensuring timely delivery of the project in hand.”

Francesco De Marchis

“Steve is a great developer to work with. He is hard working, approachable and is able to deconstruct and simplify issues well. The work he completed to allow the source markets to manage their content on their mobile apps was really well received and helped put the team on the map.”

Tim Northam

“I have worked with Steve for over 5 years at Cognima / ShoZu and its fair to say that throughout that time he was a true professional. Steve was also involved in numerous customer engagements and his ability to help guide the customer to a solution and then plan and ensure its timely delivery was excellent. With Steve’s wide range of skills experience he is a valuable member of any team”

Graham French
VP Engineering  @ Shozu.com

Need help with a project?

I am based in Arlesey, Bedfordshire in the United Kingdom, with an easy commute to London, Cambridge and the surrounding areas and a short distance from Luton Airport.

If you want help with a project or you have any queries about SpiralArm please contact me .